Doruk Elastic Sudur Astar

Doruk Elastic Sudur Astar

N ISO 9001:2000

DESCRIPTION: DORUK HASKAN SUDUR is the acrylic-treated isolation material. 

FEATURES AND SCOPE OF USAGE: It is applied for contruction materials such as plaster, concrete, hardboard etc. ( for surfaces of roof, sink and outer surfaces).

APPLICATION: The surfaces to be treated should NEVER BE DAMP, be kept away from dirt, grease, dust and particularly, humidity. It prevents contact between water and surface by providing a perfect flexible coating for the places where water contact is frequent. Mix it without water, as far as possible.

PACKAGING: DORUK HASKAN SUDUR is presented to the market with its  easy application, in net 15 kg and 2,850-kg packages.

CAUTIONS FOR DANGER AND SECURITY: Keep away from children. Avoid eye and skin contact. Keep it in a tightly closed container. Keep away from fire.


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Viscosity: 60- 80 ku Application time: Apply it at a temperature of over +5º. Coating capacity (liter): 10- 15 m2/lt (kilogram): 8- 12 m2/kg Percentage of solid material: 50%


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