606 Silicone Paint

606 Silicone Paint

EN ISO 9001:2000 02.IST.AKS.TLBB-050

DESCRIPTION: HASKAN HAS EKO SILICONE PAINT is the acrylic - treated water-based matt last coating ceiling paint.

FEATURES AND SCOPE OF USAGE: It is applied with a normal or rolling brush on the internal surfaces, timber, concrete, bricks, on-plaster, ytong, hardboard and similar construction materials. Depending on the application, it is applied by thinning with a water of 10% and 30%.

APPLICATION: The surfaces to be treated should NEVER BE DAMP, be thoroughly cleaned up of dirt, grease and swollen paints and be readied for last coating with HASKAN İZOLAN, Its adhesion, flexibility and resistance to water and alkalis are excellent. It can cover the dirtiness of the lower surface with one to three coatings, depending on the darkness of the surface color. It is resistant to weather conditions and prevents perspiration by ensuring air ventilation.

PACKAGING: HASKAN HAS EKO SILICONE PAINT is presented to the market with its decorative colors, superb coating capacity and easy application, in net 19,250-kg, and 9,550-kg, packages.

CAUTIONS FOR DANGER AND SECURITY: Keep away from children. Avoid eye and skin contact. Keep it in a tightly closed container.


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: PH: 8,25 Brightness: 6 Gloss Viscosity: 120-130 ku Application time: Apply it at a temperature of over +5°. Coating capacity (liter): 6-9 m2/lt (kilogram): 4-7 m2/kg Percentage of solid material: 72% Drying time: 30 minutes


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