Our journey with the paint started in 1985 by marketing the paints and we are still continuing the some journey under Haskan Paint Industry and Trading Ltd Co that was founded in 1994. Here, I would like to summarize the point we have reached os of the date of October 2004.


First of all, we have targeted the perfection, beauty and competence of our paints since 1994 when we founded our company on 400 m2 area. The success is inevitable when this goodwill is accompanied with the knowledge, technology and the experience. This target gradually introduced minimizing the errors and enlarging the experience.


The well-chosen raw materials, constancy of the procedures and the continual observation of the production line are the elements that enabled development of our company. The feedbacks of our quality products are the satisfaction of our customers and the beauties. One of these beauties is our new fabric constricted on 7.000 m' in 1999 with its 3.900 m'-closed facilities. This plant is the achievement of our customers and the vendors. The goal is to the best and the target is to maintain the line without any deviation.


Our company established its quality management system in accordance with the standard requirements for the organization of the actions and pursuance of the procedures with the help of its staff including 50 employees. Our company took ISO-9001:2000 quality certificate on 28/08/2002. Our effort for further development will continue in line with the TSE (Turkish Standard Institution) and TSEK certificates.


Our company offers Water Based Paints, Acrylic and Roll External Paints and Undercoats, Parquet, Modey, White Glue, Solvent Based Upper Layer Paints and Liners, Industriol Liners and Upper Layers, Epoxy Liner Upper Layer and Flooring with the capacity of 50.000 tons each year.


Please find the introduction, specifications and the application methods of ou: paints in this manual.


We sincerely thank our employees ranking from the production line to the manogement of the company and the craftsmen that use our paints and our customers who bought even a kilo of our paints on behalf of Haskan Paint Industry and Ltd Co